Our Services


Our firm offers a wide range of integrated services, designed to create value and help you achieve growth. Our goal is to get you financially fit.


Accounting and Assurance Services

As a business owner, you need comfort that your books are in order and that your business is financially sound. At SBLR, we provide clients with the full range of ‘assurance services’ – from compilations to reviews to audits.


Personal Tax

Dealing with compliance issues is a situation all taxpayers go through every year. As a business owner, navigating these issues can be time-consuming and costly if not done properly. 


Corporate Tax

When you own a business, you can simply end up ignoring the need for proactive tax planning, often resulting in paying more tax. That’s why it’s important to consult with knowledgeable tax advisors who understand the rules so that your tax cost is minimized.


International and U.S. Tax Consulting

Entering into an international market is a groundbreaking step for any business. At SBLR, we have extensive experience in accounting and tax cross-border services, in order to fulfill the needs of businesses looking to expand abroad.


Estate and Succession Planning

At SBLR, we work with clients to help them explore their options for exiting the business so they can protect the value of their investment, minimize family discord, and pay as little tax as possible.  


Tax Credit Claims

Receiving substantial cash refunds or tax credits from the government can provide the stimulus you need to take your company to the next level.


Business Strategy and Financial Reviews

As a business owner, you excel at the technical aspects of your business, but you may require an outside perspective and external guidance to help you grow or transition your business.


Qmulus - Online Client Accounting Services

Focus on growing your business, not on record keeping, financial reporting, and payroll filings. We bring together our experienced Client Accounting Team with the latest accounting technology to provide you and your business with online solutions.


Industry Sector Expertise

While we have a broad knowledge of the small and medium enterprise marketplace, we have expertise in several specific industries.