Corporate Tax 

Knowledgeable advisors to minimize your tax cost

When you own a business, you may not have the time for proactive tax planning, often resulting in paying more tax. Tax laws are complex and are constantly changing. It is important to consult with experienced tax advisors who understand the rules so that you can minimize your tax cost.

We can ensure you are operating at a tax-effective level, and assist you with the restructuring of your corporate group to take advantage of significant tax savings. 

Our services include:

  • Preparation of corporate tax returns, and all related filings

  • Year-end corporate tax planning and consulting

  • Corporate restructuring strategies, including mergers, acquisitions, and windups

  • Shareholder remuneration strategies

  • Shareholder agreement consulting

  • Due diligence reviews for business acquisitions or sales

  • Assistance with specialized tax credit filings and other government assistance programs

  • Preparation of research memorandums on various tax issues

  • Canada Revenue Agency disputes, audits, and objections

  • GST/HST filings

  • Asset Protection Consulting

  • Voluntary Disclosures

Learn how we can help to minimize your tax cost. Contact us to set up a consultation