Not Your Typical Accountants

12 Aug 2019

Nitesh Dass, Accounting Associate

I have been at SBLR for seven months now and I can confidently say that I have enjoyed it greatly.

Having worked at different firms, and outside of public accounting, SBLR has been one of the best experiences in my career so far! Diversity in both backgrounds and personalities, SBLR is filled with people from all over! This diverse environment definitely helps in settling and incorporating in the friendly firm culture.

I really enjoy the "open door" policy; if I have questions, I am able to go to the partners or managers without worry. The friendliness of everyone in the office makes this a great firm to work at! People truly do make the firm; SBLR's people make them who they are and allow them to stand out. During my time here, I have met tons of individuals who I have made good friendships with and am glad to be working with!

For students who are interested in public accounting, I highly recommend checking out SBLR as a future employer. I have been able to learn a great amount in the last seven months. the different types of clients and industries have allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and refine my skills.

All of this has also helped me tremendously with my CPA courses; a lot of what I work on is seen in these courses. This has made the studying process much easier and definitely helped me in passing my exams!

We have individuals that are at various stages of the CPA program; whether you are just starting out, in the middle, or at the end, we have individuals here who you can ask questions and get advice from. In addition, since SBLR is pre-approved training office, you can get all your CPA hours in order to get your future designation much easier.

Outside of work, SBLR loves to have fun! From summer BBQs to firm activities and dinners, SBLR really cares about their employees and puts team unison at the forefront. This past summer, our team went to LOB Toronto to enjoy bocce ball! The high competitive natures of everyone really made the event enjoyable!

From the large spectrum of clients and industries to work on to the small unique aspects of the firm, SBLR truly is a unique firm which helps break the "boring accountant" stereotype!