08 Aug, 2018

Shawn Rosenzweig

Operational strategies consist of the elements necessary to support a business' corporate objectives and to make the best use of the resources available. Robust operational strategies involve the implementation of ongoing improvements to a business in order to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

03 Jul, 2018

Howard Lerner

When a country has as much to offer as Canada, it is easy to see why hundreds of foreign investors want to set up operations here.

01 Jun, 2018

Shawn Rosenzweig

For those of us managing a business, an essential aspect of success is the establishment of clear goals and strategies. The importance of these tools is that they set the basis against which business performance can be reviewed and measured.

12 Mar, 2018

Shawn Rosenzweig

Applying for the SR&ED tax credit is a complex matter for which it is strongly encouraged to seek expert advice. We were recently referred to a mid-size manufacturing company that designs and builds custom motors for clients worldwide. We had a meeting with the owners to discuss the potential of filing a SR&ED claim, which is something their existing accountants had neglected to explore with them.

28 Feb, 2018

Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, tabled the Liberal government's 2018 Federal Budget on February 27, 2018.